Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Save the Date: 1st Annual Texas Right to Life NORTH Texas Celebration of Life on Friday, November 11

I am so excited! Texas Right to Life has just announced its 1st Annual NORTH Texas Celebration of Life. As you probably know, Texas Right to Life is based out of Houston. Every year I hear about and see pictures of their excellent Celebration of Life event. Logistics for me being what they are, I have never been able to attend. Now, however, those of us all the way up here are blessed with our own event. You can purchase your tickets here

I have written often about how much I admire Texas Right to Life. I write this as one who has had extensive interactions with every major pro-life group in the state in my 17 years of pro-life activism. Many of these groups do good work when it comes to fighting abortion, sidewalk counseling, helping pregnant mothers choose life, providing support for pregnant mothers and their babies, praying faithfully, etc. However, there is only one group in Texas that understands the other end of the pro-life spectrum that is just as important as abortion - and that is Texas Right to Life. 

The denial of care for ill patients in Texas, the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment against patients' or their families' wishes, the law in Texas that makes this possible, the creeping euthanasia in Texas and elsewhere are all issues that deeply affect every single one of us. Very few of us will avoid a hospital for the entirety of our lives. Thus, we are more personally affected by this issue than even abortion, as awful as it is.

But this aspect of the pro-life movement is either much neglected, or even worse, hijacked by those who either do not understand the issue or are actually (for whatever reason), working against pro-life efforts to stem the tide of euthanasia (involuntary as well as voluntary). I have dedicated this blog almost entirely to these matters. When all is said and done, Texas Right to Life is your only real and reliable pro-life ally when it comes to saving lives of the ill, elderly, and vulnerable born persons who are also at risk in the current climate. 

Recall that Texas Right to Life is the ONLY pro-life group in Texas that helps families navigate the process that allows hospitals to withdraw care against your will (even if you have an advanced directive). I described in great detail Texas Right to Life's efforts on behalf of Chris Dunn here and also explained why it is the go-to organization for these matters (see esp. Sections III. and IV). It is the only pro-life group in Texas that consistently works to reverse this law or at least make it more patient-centered. 

This is a most worthy group to support for these and other reasons. Spend some time on their website or Facebook page and learn more about them. 

Then buy your tickets and join me in attending this wonderful event and let's CELEBRATE LIFE!

Thanks for reading!