Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Real Thrill and Honor: Empower Texans' Citizen Profile

This is me with my daughter, Lucy.

I am really honored and thrilled to be the subject of a Citizen Profile by Empower Texas! 

Here's a snippet of it:

As a constitutional conservative, fiscal issues are important to Marks. But she’s primarily focused on the pro-life movement in Texas and its foundational importance to the liberty movement. “Without the right to life,” Marks emphasized, “nothing else matters.” But the pro-life movement isn’t just about protecting the young—it’s also about protecting the elderly. 

“I am particularly concerned with end of life or denial of care issues, which broadly comes under the Texas Advance Directive Act (TADA). Last session I testified against SB 303 to try and defeat it.” Conservatives in Texas were split on the issue, in part because the bill contained troubling provisions that others in the pro-life community had allegedly overlooked. 

Marks noted, “So many well-meaning pro-lifers have been led astray on what the true pro-life position is… It’s not the place of a doctor or hospital to refuse care for a patient when refusing that care will result in death and is against the family’s wishes. We shouldn’t starve sick and ill patients to death because a doctor or hospital has decided their life is not worth living…And yet it happens.”

Marks and other critics of the system point out that a doctor should have the ability to refuse treatment, but the family should be able to transfer the patient to another facility. Currently, an “ethics board” at the hospital unilaterally determines the fate of patients. The process lacks a legal remedy for families, effectively denying patients due process.

Marks provided a contrast; “An individual convicted of murder has more rights and appeals than an ill patient in a hospital…that’s just plain wrong.” 

Please go onto their website and read the whole thing. I am very proud of my political heritage and how I was raised. I am very proud to be a part of the pro-life movement working to help save lives at the beginning of life. But also I am just as proud, if not more so, to be working as much as I can (which is not really all that much with all the hats I wear), with so many others to protect the access and right to life-sustaining care among the elderly and ill and fighting against "the Third Path" to euthanasia. 

So, thank you to Empower Texans and Ross Kecseg for the excellent write-up.

Thanks for reading!