Saturday, July 30, 2016

Healthcare in Crisis Conferences UPDATED*

One of the great blessings in being even as small a part as I am of the pro-life community that addresses the end-of-life/denial-of-care issue is all of the wonderful people I've met. Back when I first got engaged in this issue in 2013, I met a wonderful nurse named Julie Grimstad. In fact, before meeting her in person, we decided we'd drive down to Austin to testify against SB 303 together. Despite the seriousness of our mission, it was a lovely and successful trip - and for me - very educational. Julie told me about the history of the crisis we now find ourselves in, told me about the various cases she'd worked on, and her experiences in fighting this battle.

Once I was in Austin, I met Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life, among other members of that great organization. Then I met a host of grassroots activists, individuals who had been adversely impacted by Texas law, individuals who had been spared from an imposition of the death penalty because they were ill, and medical professionals who desperately want to save lives or at least allow them to not have a premature death imposed by a forced denial of care. I was also fortunate to meet members of the legislature who want to fix this mess. It was such an enriching experience. It was uplifting at a time when I really was feeling low, having seen so many pro-lifers choose the wrong side of this issue, the pro-death side of this issue, while maintaining they were supporting life. I learned that there are many, many people who understand this issue and see the truth of it. Not only that, they'll travel from across the state and across the country, to try to fix this horrible law. I am happy to say that in subsequent trips to Austin to testify, I have had similar experiences in meeting truly salt of the earth people who are clear as a bell on the truth of the matter and just want to do what is right on this most neglected - and hijacked - aspect of the pro-life movement. Let me offer you a chance to have a similar experience in meeting some truly great people who can teach you a great deal.

Julie has been on the forefront of fighting this battle for decades, formally lead, and continues to work with a group called the Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance. PHA and Texas Right to Life are co-hosting two conferences that you will really want to try to attend.

PHA says

The Pro-life Healthcare Alliance (PHA), a program of Human Life Alliance (HLA), and Texas Right to Life have joined forces to present an extremely important conference in Texas regarding the crisis in healthcare and what people need to know to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It will be held in Allen, TX (near Dallas) on Sept. 24 at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church.
A second conference, cosponsored by PHA-HLA, Texas Leadership Coalition and the Knights of Columbus 4140, will be held in San Antonio on Nov. 19 at Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church. Hopefully, everyone who wishes to become better informed about crucial healthcare issues that directly affect them and their families, will be able to attend one of these conferences. 

I will be attending and speaking at the one held in Allen, Texas, on September 24, 2016. It begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Participants include:

  • Julie Grimstad, LPN who will speak about "What Has Happened to Health Care?"
  • Elizabeth Graham, Esq. who will speak about "Medical Futility & the Texas Advance Directives Act"
  • Kassi Marks, Esq. who will also speak about "Medical Futility & the Texas Advance Directives Act"
  • Ron Panzer, LPN who will speak about "Stealth Euthanasia"
  • Jennifer M. Hamann, RN, BSN, MHA who will speak about "Brain Death" and Organ Donation
  • Mary Kellett who will speak about "Peter's Story & the Mission of Prenatal Partners for Life"

You can learn more about the participants and see the schedule here. Each participant will have something unique to offer and will enrich your knowledge of this issue tremendously. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to come and learn more. 

We ask you to please spread the word and come out and learn what you need to know about these important issues. I have often told people that all aspects of the pro-life battle are worthy and vitally important. I believe that. But not everyone will be affected by an abortion. Just about every single one of us, on the other hand, will be in a hospital or have a family member who is. You need to know what is going on and what to do to protect yourselves and your loved ones when facing a medical crisis. 

You can pre-register here and I highly recommend doing so because there is limited seating.

Now, don't forget about the San Antonio option that is November 19, but registration is not open for that one yet. I will let you know when it is. Also, you can subscribe to the PHA newsletter and stay abreast of all kinds of helpful information as well as conferences.

In the meantime, you would also benefit from the video Human Life Alliance and PHA just produced called Informed: Life is Worth Living, featuring some of the conference speakers. As PHA says, "The video exposes euthanasia and assisted suicide for what they really are and is suitable for showing at church, pro-life, or community events, or airing on television. DVDs may be ordered from Human Life Alliance."

I hope to see you in Allen on September 24!

Thanks for reading!

*Updated to include a link for where to order the video.