Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bob Hall's Pro-Life Record

A few Bob Deuell supporters are running around claiming that they can find no evidence that Bob Hall has ever "done" anything pro-life.  They then point to Bob Deuell's legislative work as proof that he is the candidate with a larger pro-life background.  Of course, that is not a fair comparison because you cannot expect one to have a legislative history before they become a legislator.  It also ignores the tremendously anti-life SB 303 that Bob Deuell authored and aggressively promoted last session.  Despite the somewhat illogical nature of this comparison - legislation vs. no legislation - let's look at what Bob Hall has "actually done that is pro-life."  There is plenty.

First, how did I find this out?  I called him!  Yes, indeed.  I let my fingers do the walking.  He left his cell phone in a comment thread where he was accused of "doing nothing" and I called that number.  Happily in about 90 minutes, this very busy man called me back himself and we had a nice, in-depth visit about a number of pro-life issues for at least 30 minutes.  

Bob Hall and his wife have supported the Hope Pregnancy Center in Canton, Texas, for many years.  They have provided financial and other support to it, which I will describe in a moment.  But let me make this additional introductory comment.  We all know how vitally important pregnancy centers are for women facing a "crisis" or "unplanned" pregnancy.  They are the cornerstone in the effort to convince women that they can get through this pregnancy and choose life for their child.  Canton is a ways from Dallas or another large city.  It is vital that a well-run and funded CPC be available for our more rural areas.  Bob Hall has worked toward this very fundamental pro-life end.  

For my Catholic friends, I think you will recognize this as a great example of the Principle of Subsidiarity  in action.  What is it?

This principle holds that human affairs are best handled at the lowest possible level, closest to the affected persons. 

It's fine to want solutions to problems from Austin or DC, but that should not be your sole focus.  Nor should you reasonably expect all solutions to all problems to come from either place.  Those of us in the pro-life movement know that the best way we can most directly help women choose life is to give them the resources they need.  Those resources can be very basic, like formula and diapers, medical care, and counselors to help them.  A CPC provides this and is our first line of defense of the unborn and to help mothers to avoid a decision that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

What else?  Bob Hall also worked hard to raise money so that Hope Pregnancy Center could have a sonogram machine there.  We also know how incredibly effective a sonogram machine is in convincing women to choose life.  (That's why those in the abortion movement fought the sonogram bill so mightily.)  He helped make this happen at a rural CPC.  That means women did not have to travel to Dallas where they may have chosen to receive "care" at a Planned Parenthood or other abortion mill that would be disinclined to show them their sonogram and actually talk to them about what they are seeing in that image.

What else?  The Halls have encouraged their Sunday School class to collect diapers each week and Mrs. Hall goes to the Center every week or so with bountiful supplies of diapers.  Again, these basic necessities (which are very expensive) help women bear the financial responsibility of keeping their babies.  It is no small thing!  Further, the Halls' work in doing this promotes the cause of life in their church and encourages others to "do" stuff that is pro-life.  It brings attention to the issue in an ongoing basis.  Things like that encourage others to do even more and talk to others about doing even more.  It is a very grassroots effort that works.

What else?  As an avid pilot he donates a gift package every year to the Hope Pregnancy Center's auction and fundraising dinner that includes a private plane trip for two to a place for dinner.  What a lovely and generous gift package!  Those who have worked on such an event know how vitally important it has to have nice gift packages donated so that the bids go higher and higher during the auction.  They also know what a relief it is to be able to count on a big gift like that year after year.  Bob Hall has made yet one more contribution toward this end.

What else?  He was very keen to do what he could to get the sonogram bill passed, as he knows the effect that has in convincing women to choose life.  He and his wife attended the prayer vigil in Austin two sessions ago for the sake of the sonogram bill.  They were also in the House gallery all day and all night when it was voted in.  He sent messages to people to rally support for it.  

I will also note that we discussed SB 303 as well.  He understands that ALL life has value and dignity.  He understands that we do not starve or dehydrate ill patients to death.  He understands that decisions about medical care are best left to the family or patient.  Again, the Principle of Subsidiarity at work.  

So there.  Let's lay to rest this phony accusation that he has not "done" anything.  Once elected, I am sure he will have a huge list of pro-life legislative accomplishments and he has shown that he cares in word and deed about the pro-life movement and saving lives from conception to natural death.

Thanks for reading!