Monday, May 20, 2019

UPDATED: SB 2089 and SB 1033 Are Dead

Photo by Cristian Grecu on Unsplash

UPDATE: Charlie Johnston just posted on his blog a few short takes, one of which says the following:

I have commented boldly of late of my contempt for the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops (TCCB) policy of supporting forced involuntary euthanasia in that state and mislabeling it pro-life. Insiders maintain that the Bishop who took the lead in doing the Texas Medical Assn. and the Texas Hospital Assn.’s bidding is Dallas Bishop Edward Burns. Yet while his activism against authentic Catholic doctrine has alienated the faithful in his Diocese, it did not immunize him from secular police raids. Now I find some prominent lay organizations have taken an interest in the mangling of Catholic Doctrine by the TCCB. There will be consequences for all of this.

Very interesting. I have no independent knowledge of this but am hardly shocked or surprised. The Texas Bishops cannot be counted on to do the right thing with regard to pro-life legislative efforts here in Texas. That is very well established.

Likewise, certain prominent lay groups - I am not certain if Charlie means the Usual Suspects or yet more and other groups that have lost their way and are doing the bidding of anti-life forces - but be very careful who you just trust.

Know that you'll always get the details and links to the original source documents as well as my analysis here for your independent verification and discernment especially when it comes to legislation and advocacy.

I found it interesting to read the threads for especially SB 1033 on Twitter and see how many pro-aborts were happy that bill died - at the hands of the Usual Suspects. How sad. How telling.

Charlie is absolutely correct when he says that there will be consequences for all of this.

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I'm going to keep this short. I'll be honest, I'm mad and that's not a good time to write a blog post, but I believe you all deserve to know what's going on since so many of you have been active in trying to get these bills set for a floor vote in the House and praying for these efforts here in Texas. And, I do try to be measured in what I write even if I am quite passionate about these issues and the obstacles we face to getting good pro-life legislation into law here in Texas. The bottom line is: 

SB 2089 and SB 1033 are dead.

My very politically astute and plugged in friend, Rich DeOtte had this to say about it:

There is a lot to the story as to why this happened. Suffice it to say that Texas House "leadership" killed all bills to which there was any opposition. 

Who were the opposition to SB 1033 and especially SB 2089? The Usual Suspects. Of course. You can read about all that here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Make no mistake about it, lives will be lost because of the opposition to these bills and the failure of Republican leadership to be pro-life and ignore those who do not have the best interest of vulnerable Texans at heart. Clearly, we need:

Robust primaries in 2020; new leadership in 2021.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for learning about and following these bills and the overall issue of involuntary passive euthanasia in Texas; praying for the passage of these bills; prayers for all involved (including the Usual Suspects who continue to need prayers); your donations to help Mrs. Jones and Texas Right to Life; your calls and emails to the powers that be to move these bills forward; and for bringing about awareness of these issues and the special problems that not-so-pro-life-Texas has. Please keep praying.

And that's all I've got to say about this. For now.

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