Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Update on SB 2089 - PASSED out of the Senate HHS Committee!

Here's a quick post to let you know that SB 2089 - the bill to amend the Texas Advance Directives Act to take away the 10-day deadline to find a new facility for your loved one once the doctor and hospital decide they will withdraw life-sustaining care involuntarily in order to hasten death - has passed out of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee by a vote of 5-2. 

Here are the tweets and news by Texas Right to Life with the great news!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I discussed this bill and the testimony about it here, here, and here, as well as SB 2129 which is another very good bill that would fix TADA entirely.  

Now, it still needs to get a floor vote so that the entire Senate can take it up and pass it. And, the House will need to do it's part, but there is finally movement on this priority bill! While SB 2129 would fix the entire statute, SB 2089 takes out the most egregious part of it - the literal deadline. Again, I cannot tell you how exciting this is! 

Big thanks to Texas Right to Life, Senator Bryan Hughes who authored it, Chairwoman Kolkhorst for scheduling the testimony and vote, all those who testified for it, especially those who came from far away, and, of course, those who voted for it. 

Shame on those who testified against it, voted against it, or otherwise refused to support it. In the end, I have to believe that the interest of protecting all life will win out. It may take time (TADA has been the law since 1999) and lives have been and will continue to be lost in the interim - and that is, in part, on the consciences of those who work so diligently against these efforts (one or more of whom are subscribers to this blog), may God have mercy on them - but I believe that society will not stand for this level of disregard for patient autonomy and life.

I ask that you pray daily for the success of efforts to protect all life and the conversion of those who oppose such efforts. Time is running short in the Texas legislative session. Less than a month exists and many other issues have not been resolved in this....difficult session. Pray also for the protection of those working so hard for these efforts. Prayer is, after all, the most important and effective thing. Orthodoxy teaches very strongly that we are to love our neighbors and everyone is our neighbor. One thing that is required by this is that we must always pray for our enemies, those that harm us and others, those that seek to harm us and others, etc. - even if you have to start out doing so through gritted teeth. Do it. 

I'll let you know more when I do.

Thanks for reading!