Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Updated Again: Save the Dates! Two New Speaking Engagements

Hi, All!

I have two very exciting speaking engagements coming up and they are open to the public. I hope to see you all there! 

"Dialogue, not Debate: A Pro-Life & Pro-Choice Discussion Panel" - Thursday, April 11, 7:30-9:00 PM at SMU

First, SMU's Mustangs for Life and the on-campus feminist group, FEM (the Feminist Equality Movement), are co-hosting an event called "Dialogue, not Debate: A Pro-Life & Pro-Choice Discussion Panel." The event is described as:

Mustangs for Life & SMU FEM cross the aisle and join forces to spark discussion regarding crucial human rights concerns, most notably the topic of abortion in America.
The event will involve a riveting discussion panel of four individuals: two professionals and two students. Audience members (that's you!) have the opportunity to ask questions!
The goal of this event is to quell hostility and negative stereotyping between the two sides and come together to find common ground.
Whether you're Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, or undecided, we hope you will leave this event more informed and sympathetic toward people who hold different values than you.
This event is free & open to the public!  

I met some Mustangs for Life in January at the Boots on the Ground Do No Harm Conference. Fabulous, committed pro-life young people wanting to educate others. They have asked me to be their professional representative. FEM will have a representative from Planned Parenthood. I am honored to have been asked to participate.

I think this is a great idea. It is an indisputable fact that there is too much hostility and too-often an utter inability to engage in substantive civil discussion. People tend to demonize those with whom they disagree and assume the worst about them and their motivations. I have been guilty of this myself. But I have also come to learn, that despite the temptation, it is not a terribly fruitful way to approach things. The end result that we see is that whatever discussion there might be inevitably breaks down. You see it most clearly on social media, but also among "professionals" on talking head TV shows if you still watch those (we don't). The art of discourse among those who may fundamentally disagree has been lost, but that is not how this country was founded and that was not the case even a few decades ago. Read transcripts of debates from elections gone by. Read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. Sure, there was passion, but there was real substance and an understanding that the issues were critical. We need to find ourselves back in that place again; in other words, we need to elevate the discourse and our interaction among people. Heat needs to be replaced by light. I hope these goals are met and I will do my best. 

You can go to the Facebook event page to see any updates and let them know if you'll be coming. In case you do not have Facebook, the event will be in the Hughes-Trigg Center on the main SMU campus in Dallas, in the Theatre on the Bottom Floor.

UPDATE: Here is the flyer for the event with FEM's representative listed as well.

UNT Eagles for Life Pro-Life Talk - Tuesday, April 16, 5:30-7:00 PM

Next, just a few days later, I'll be headed up to Denton for the rescheduled pro-life talk with the Eagles for Life at the University of North Texas. I am excited about this as I met a member or two from this fine group in January as well. I will discuss euthanasia and Texas' "10-day law," AKA Texas' "futile care law," AKA Sec. 166.046 of the "Texas Advanced Directives Act" - which I just refer to here on this blog as "TADA." 

I will also give an update on what's going on down in the legislature with regard to all issues on the pro-life spectrum. Hopefully, we'll have some good stuff to report. Or, I might just rant a bit about lives not being protected and missed opportunities. Thus far, I'm not terribly impressed with the legislature this session but more on that here at a later time. At any rate, we will have a great time, learn about life, and what we can do to protect it and fight back against the Culture of Death. 

The address for this event is: 1155 Union Circle, Denton, Texas 76203 and will be in (room) Union 386. 

There is not a Facebook event page at this time, but their Facebook page is here.

The Facebook event page is here where you can see any updates and get additional information. 

I am very grateful for these opportunities to talk about pro-life issues to and with young people who are working hard to form and solidify their ideals, principles, and convictions. But please also remember these events are both open to the public. If you have a high schooler or if you are a "grown adult" and just want to come and hear what's going on, please feel free. I would be so pleased to meet you. 

Please pray for these efforts and all involved. 

Please also pray for all those down in Austin. The session is almost half over and time is running short. 

Thanks for reading!