Monday, April 8, 2019

Pro-Life Activism Day in Austin on April 10 & Much More!

Really Early Monday Morning Greetings!

This is a quick post to make you aware of Texas Right to Life's Pro-Life Activism Day which will be Wednesday, April 10, 2019. More information and updates will be here, but here's a quick summary of things as they stand now:

Join Texas Right to Life for a Pro-Life Activism Day at your Texas Capitol. This will be a packed day full of inside legislative updates, a chance to meet your elected officials, and time in the House and Senate galleries.
Here is the tentative schedule for the event: 
9:40am: Auditorium doors open10am: Event begins, check-in, head to gallery10am-10:40am: House gallery10:50-11:50am: Legislative briefing, Q&A, update from Pro-Life elected official12:00-1:10pm: Lunch on own 1:15-3pm: Meetings with legislators & testify in support of Pro-Life priority bills3pm: Adjourn 
We look forward to seeing you in Austin on April 10! 
For more information, please email 

Yes, I will be there. Not only that, a big announcement was made just this past Friday. Look at this!

HUGE news! The Senate Health and Human Services Committee just announced today that it will hear TWO Pro-Life priority bills on our Activism Day next Wednesday! These are Senate Bills 1033 (ending late-term and discriminatory abortions) and 2089 (protecting Texas patients from hospitals pulling the plug). You will have the chance to witness the legislative process at work firsthand, and we need you to make your Pro-Life voice heard in support of these bills at this integral step in the their progress.
Yes, I plan to testify in favor of these bills, one of which is a great priority of mine. I will save detailed discussion of the bills themselves for my written and oral testimony at this time, but know that these bills are meant to protect life at both ends of the pro-life spectrum. I cannot be more grateful that testimony is being taken on both on the same day and during the Pro-Life Activism Day to boot! God's Divine Providence is shining on these efforts. 

Always remember that we are all made in the image and likeness of God and because of this all lives are worthy of, and due, respect and protection. Age, disability, illness, socioeconomic status, and whether you're in the womb or a hospital bed make no difference and cannot change this simple fact and our duty to protect life. Indeed, the more vulnerable life is, the more obligated we are to protect it. Remember what Jesus said about caring for the least of these. Matthew 25:45

Please pray for this legislation and all those heading to Austin for the Pro-Life Activism Day and to support legislation that protects life in the womb as well as vulnerable lives at risk of having their life-sustaining care withdrawn against their will in order to hasten their death. As you know, this is legal in Texas, but hopefully not for too much longer. 

If you cannot go to Austin, you can pray for those who can and those making the decisions. That is the most important thing of all. 

It's going to be an unusually busy week and a half for me in terms of pro-life activism. I will be in Austin for this important day and testimony, then back here in Dallas Thursday for the SMU "Dialogue, Not Discussion" event, and then next Tuesday, up to Denton for a pro-life talk there. You can read more about both of those events in my last post. Remember these are open to the public. I'd recommend them for high school age students and older.

I will provide reports on everything and keep you up to date as best I can. In the coming days and weeks, I would hope and expect some movement on these bills and I'll provide updates as I can. However, as a personal note, Orthodox Holy Week begins April 22 and I will be withdrawing from the world as best I can as we make the final preparations for entering the Church on Saturday, April 27, and celebrate Pascha. Please pray for us. ☦

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Thanks for reading!